If you subscribe to a rate plan that has a monthly recurring charge, that amount will automatically be deducted from your account balance every 30 days beginning on the date that you signed up for the rate plan.

Call Customer Care immediately at 1-866-594-3644 to report the phone lost or stolen. An agent will suspend the phone so it cannot be used.

Your account may be deactivated if you have not added a new airtime card to your account in the past 90 days. To keep your service working, you need to add $20 in airtime to your account every 90 days, even if you have money in your account.

If you regularly use the $10 airtime cards, you will need to refill your account every 30 days to keep an active i-wireless phone number.

If you don’t keep your account active, you will not be able to make or receive calls until you replenish your account.

It's easy to manage all of your calling needs when you set up an account online. You can log on to www.iwirelesshome.com to check your account balance, view your call details, add airtime, purchase accessories and make changes to your i-wireless service directly from the web.

You can track your spending by calling 611 directly from your i-wireless phone or by viewing your account details online at www.krogeriwireless.com. i-wireless will notify you via text message when you've reached the $100 threshold your FREE MINUTES rewards have been applied to your account.

There are 4 easy ways that you can add airtime to your i-wireless account:

  1. Purchase an i-wireless airtime card at any one of the Kroger family of stores and follow the instructions on the back of the card. For a complete list of retail locations where i-wireless is sold, click here.
  2. Add airtime using a debit or credit card by dialing #BUY (#289) directly from your i-wireless phone or by calling 1-866-594-3644 from any touch-tone phone.  Enter your 4-digit i-wireless account passcode and follow the prompts.
  3. Buy airtime online at www.krogeriwireless.com.
  4. Choose Monthly Credit Card Billing and you can use a debit or credit card to automatically refill your account.

Your email password is a secret code that you will need to enter to access your account online once you have made a purchase from the i-wirelesshome.com webstore.  You can manage multiple phones on your account, update your account profile and view your order history from any online purchases that you may have made.

Your account passcode is a 4-digit number that was assigned to you along with your 10-digit i-wireless phone number.  It can be found on a sticker inside of the Getting Started Guide. Once you've activated your i-wireless service you can immediately begin using the web to check your account balance, view your call details, and change your account passcode.

To keep your account active, you need to add at least $20 every 90 days.  If you purchase and activate a new airtime card or add $20 to your account before the current balance on your account expires, any unused minutes and dollars will automatically be rolled over to your new card's expiration date.

If you use the $10 i-wireless airtime card, you will need to add airtime every 30 days, instead of every 90 days.


If your i-wireless account is empty for more than 60 days, you may be assigned a new i-wireless phone number.

Yes, you can keep your same phone number and your account balance will be transferred to your new i-wireless account. Customer Care will be happy to assist you when you call 1-866-594-3644.