You can activate any eligible Sprint device with i-wireless.

An eligible Sprint device is a device that:

  • has not had its operating system altered or modified in any way;
  • is not in poor account status with Sprint or Sprint Affiliates;
  • has met or completed all financial and contractual obligations or commitments with Sprint, i.e., is a
    Financially Eligible Device (“FED”);
  • has not been reported as lost or stolen;
  • has the original ESN as assigned by the manufacturer;
  • has been approved by Sprint as a model that may be activated under the BYOSD Program and remains on Sprint’s approved list of eligible models; and
  • is branded by Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Assurance Wireless, or any other brand or trademark owned by or licensed to Sprint.

Your phone may be incompatible. Only inactive Sprint devices can make the move to i-wireless.


Your phone may be reported lost or stolen. Industry-wide, devices reported lost or stolen cannot be reactivated unless the flag is cleared by the original owner.


Your phone may be running custom software. Devices that have been "modded" to run a custom ROM or that otherwise run custom software or firmware may be blocked from activation.

With most devices, the ESN/MEID is at the back of the handset, underneath the battery. The ESN/MEID is normally an 18-digit number labelled DEC and starting with 256, 268, or 270. On some older phones and data devices, the ESN/MEID is an 11-digit number, often beginning with 096.

If your device does not have a removable battery, or if your ESN/MEID is not located behind your battery you can discover it through your device's settings (most likely in the "About Phone" menu).

When you provide the ESN for the phone you wish to bring, you'll get an immediate answer regarding eligibility. If you're new to i-wireless, you'll simply create an account, pick your plan and program your phone - quick and easy! If you're an existing i-wireless subscriber and you're switching over to the device you're bringing, you'll simply sign into your account, elect to keep or change your plan and reprogram your phone - also quick and easy! If you are new to i-wireless and you wish to port your existing mobile number from another carrier, there will be a few additional steps and you'll work with our Customer Care to complete the number porting process. This can take up to 72 hours.

A device must be able to access the Sprint wireless network in order to work with i-wireless. "Unlocked" is a term typically used to refer to GSM-only devices which cannot be activated with i-wireless.